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By registering and attending an event/meeting organized by or held at AIA Chicago's offices or an offsite location, you acknowledge that there is an unknown risk of exposure to COVID-19 through exposure to contaminated objects, as well as through personal contact. We ask you not to attend if you have symptoms. Such exposure carries with it a certain degree of risk that could result in illness, disability, or death. You agree to release and hold harmless AIA Chicago, its employees, officers, and vendors from and against all claims of damages and liability resulting from exposure to COVID-19. Registrants/Attendees also warrant they are abiding by their state/local laws regarding COVID-19 restrictions.
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Catered information from our Knowledge Communities and Affinity Groups.

AIA Chicago Knowledge Communities and Affinity Groups offer members the opportunity to engage with the issues most important to them, and find other professionals with similar interests.
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This includes everything from earning LU/HSW's, leadership opportunities within our Knowledge Communities and/or Affinity Groups, Board of Directors elections, our College of Fellows, and much more.

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