Leader Resources

Knowledge Community and Affinity Group Leader Duties

  • Plan and execute quarterly meetings and activities.

  • Use planning tools and coordinate with chapter staff.

  • Identify annual sponsors in coordination with the Director of Development and Sales.

  • Ensure that programs reflect and support the AIA Chicago Strategic Plan, core values, and mission.

  • Participate in quarterly KC+AG leader meetings.

  • Encourage participation in group programs and activities and recruit new members on an ongoing basis.

Knowledge Community and Affinity Group Structure

Each Knowledge Community and Affinity Group should have two co-chairs leading the group. The leadership structure may also include a secretary, events manager, and treasurer positions. The leadership team is nominated and selected by members of the group to serve a term of one year, beginning in January. Each group is encouraged to develop a leadership pipeline in order that there is a natural continuation of leadership and built-in mentoring of incoming leaders. 

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Program Planning Quick Reference Guide