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Associate Building Architect

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About the Job

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Job Summary

Under the general direction of the Chief Building Architect, assists in the design, evaluation, and development of architectural plans for building projects. Assists in monitoring projects and consultants to ensure compliance with budgets, schedules, contracts, and specifications. Inspects construction work in program standards, area bid specifications, reviews plans and drawings to conform with established codes and safety standards; provides technical advice and assistance to other managers and staff in connection with proposed and scheduled projects.

Typical Duties

  • Manages plans, designs, and bid drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for various building projects including nature centers, picnic shelters, police stations, maintenance facilities, restroom facilities, and other Forest Preserve facilities.
  • Assists in implementing the day-to-day operations of the building architecture section by preparing work schedules, reports, correspondence, budgets, plans, and directives relative to proposed projects and/or works in progress.
  • Assists in developing and maintaining the District’s capital improvement plan that is used in strategic planning for all District capital improvements and other comprehensive plans and studies relating to the District’s buildings.
  • Provides technical guidance and assistance to engineers, staff, and other managers in connection with various projects.
  • Attends department review meetings to provide input and discuss goals and objectives.
  • Manages and directs outside consultants in connection with development projects for District buildings and facilities.
  • Inspects construction work in progress for compliance with established contract specifications and applicable codes and standards. Conducts detailed on-site assessment of existing buildings and facilities for building code compliance and need of restoration.
  • Confers with building and zoning officials, fire officials, and other District staff in accordance with various projects or other issues and concerns that may arise.
  • Maintains neat and accurate records, logs, and drawings for projects.
  • Reviews and approves pay applications to vendors.
  • Confers with, consults, and advises the Chief Building Architect and other District officials in all related matters, as necessary; recommends the safest and most effective use of buildings and facilities from an architectural perspective, based on the latest trends and developments in the field.

Please go to Forest Preserves of Cook County job posting for full benefits package and general requirements.

Applicant Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

Must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher in architecture from an accredited college or university AND at least 5 years of full-time work experience as an architect, with at least 1 year of full-time work experience as a construction administrator or project manager on architectural construction projects.

Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Preferred Qualifications

Licensed as an architect in the State of Illinois; OR at least 1 year of work experience with publicly held or government owned and operated lands; OR at least 1 season of work experience with the Forest Preserves of Cook County (FPCC); OR at least 1 season of work experience as a Conservation Corp Crew member; OR at least 1 season of work experience on FPCC property with partners such as the Chicago Zoological Society, Chicago Botanic Garden, Greencorps Chicago, Friends of the Forest Preserves, or the Student Conservation Association.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics

  • Thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the theory, principles and practices of architectural design and construction methods, current trends and developments, and the ability to apply such skills and knowledge to the needs and operations of the District.
  • Ability to learn and understand the needs, services, and operations of the District as they apply to buildings and facilities, and public access areas.
  • Ability to supervise comprehensive studies regarding the architectural design, development and planning of District building, facilities, and renovations. Ability to effectively participate in the development of goals, objectives, and timetables for District projects.
  • Ability to prepare, understand, interpret, and evaluate working drawings, contract specifications and building management plans; ability to evaluate the work of others so engaged.
  • Skill in ensuring that comprehensive assessments and facility development projects are carried out and completed in an accurate, timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, coordinate planning and construction activities with other District staff, departments, outside consultants, and other agencies.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects effectively at one time, and shift priorities as necessary.
  • Ability to operate a car for purposes of traveling to various sites and to climb a ladder for purposes of inspecting buildings as required.
  • The duties listed are not set forth for purposes of limiting the assignment of work.  They are not to be construed as a complete list of the many duties normally to be performed under a job title or those to be performed temporarily outside an employee’s normal line of work.

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About the Company

The Forest Preserves of Cook County, with nearly 70,000 acres, is one of the oldest and largest forest preserve districts in the United States. It receives an estimated 62 million visits each year, providing an escape into a world teeming with wildlife and rich with outdoor recreation and environmental education opportunities. Within its boundaries are rare habitats that offer plant and animal diversity on par with the rainforests of the world.

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