AIA Chicago Editorial Committee

About the AIA Chicago Editorial Committee

People, Projects, Professional Practice

The AIA Chicago Editorial Committee will serve as an advisory committee to the staff at AIA Chicago, providing project, cultural, and member insight and content for consideration across the multitude of media platforms that serve membership, including Chicago Architect magazine, online articles, social media, and e-communications.

This committee will first work to establish a framework for inclusion of content, determining an established set of rules and guidelines for which information will be considered. This includes discussions on which medium is appropriate for which content.  From there, the committee will disseminate said guidelines to membership with a clear and established path of communication from member to staff, and staff to committee.

The committee will also establish overall themes for publications, as well as monthly themes that tie into other AIA Chicago initiatives and programs, such as calls for membership, volunteers, events, EDI, and cultural/historic months (example: Black History Month). These themes should be intertwined with AIA Chicago’s Strategic Plan, upcoming events and programs, and build upon content already being completed.

Committee Composition

This committee will be comprised of 10-12 individuals and be representative of both AIA Chicago’s membership and non-members that reflect the unique and diverse viewpoints of architectural practice and demographics of Chicago.

Roles and Responsibilities 

Primary Role

  • Propose and advise on topics that would be of interest and/or benefit to membership, from your unique perspective.

Additional Roles

  • Establish a framework for inclusion of content
  • Review metrics from the Communications Manager to better understand how unique pieces perform.
  • On occasion and if interested, write or peer-review pieces for Chicago Architect.

Time Commitment

  • This committee will meet quarterly in conjunction with the Chicago Architect magazine publication schedule
  • This is a one calendar-year commitment, with the commitment re-evaluated each year.
  • Each meeting will be approximately two hours long, either in-person at the AIA Chicago offices, or virtual.
  • Time outside of committee meetings will be necessary to search for, curate, and disseminate information to the committee for consideration.

Meeting dates will be determined once the Committee has been selected.

Decision of the Committee composition falls upon the AIA Chicago President, Executive Director, Communications Manager, and Editor. 

Apply to the AIA Chicago Editorial Committee

Applications are now closed. Please email with any inquiries.