Black and white image of a section drawing showing the incarceration of a city

The Incarceration of a City, Floating Structures of the "In Between"

Arwa Qalalwa, Benn Johnck Recipient 2022

Chicago Award in Architecture - Student Award

The Chicago Award in Architecture is a juried competition of student projects. Recognition is given, at the jury's discretion, for First, Second, and Third Place and for Honorable Mentions. The project awarded First Place is honored with the the Benn-Johnck Award, in the amount of $500, Second Place is awarded $300, and Third Place is awarded $200.

This award recognizes exceptional student work from regional, accredited architecture programs. If you are a professor of architecture and wish to recognize your students' exceptional work, please contact Allison Garwood Freedland.

This award is administered by:


Award Information

Professor Nominations open: May
Professor Nominations close: June

Rules and Regulations

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