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‘Ornament Is’ Gallery Tour


“We wish to see the decriminalization of architectural ornament and encourage applying technology to cultivate its re-establishment as an integral part of architecture and design.”

Ornament Is curators Stephen Wierzbowski, FAIA, and Josh Mings, AIA, have curated a museum-scaled exhibition exploring contemporary ornamental theory and pointing towards emerging new theories. The exhibition includes drawings, paintings, photographs, essays, models, and artifacts from over 30 different contributors, all selected for their diverse points of view. Each addresses what ornament was, is, and might be.

Join the curators for a gallery tour of Ornament Is for a tour of the gallery and discussion on ornament in architecture and design.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about and discuss new theories of ornamentation which utilize new artificial intelligence technologies to create architectural design.
  • Learn about methods of fabrication used in the exhibit to create new ways of ornamentation in architecture.
  • Learn about history and theory of ornament from antiquity through the present day through art exhibited in the gallery.
  • Explore emerging theories and technologies used to create ornament in architecture.

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Wednesday | 11.01.2023


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Learning Unit:

1.0 LU (pending)

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